Ordering Information

Fowler Maples

A few things you should know before ordering
All Japanese maples that we offer are grafted low unless otherwise

specified.  Most varieties are grafted below 5 inches high, but

varieties with unusual bark characteristics are grafted lower. 

We graft on Acer palmatum root stock unless otherwise noted. 

Grafted maples are currently offered in 4 x 4 x 5 inch square

containers as well as #2 (8 inch diameter) containers. 

4 inch pots: The majority of the root stocks were 2 year old seedlings

prior to grafting, and all trees will have had at least one full year of growth after grafting before being offered for sale.  Since they are grafted low, some dwarf varieties may be under 6 inches tall, while some vigorous growers will be up to 3 feet tall.  Most trees will be staked. 

All trees in #2 pots have had at least 3 years of growth after grafting. 

As collectors of unusual maples, we consider it of great importance to have correctly labeled plants.  Unfortunately, there are some cases where two different maples share the same name.  Therefore, we recommend shopping for the tree rather than the name when possible. 

Of course, that is not always possible when dealing with unusual varieties, which is the primary reason we offer these maples online.  Therefore, we take special care to provide detailed descriptions and clear photographs of each variety we carry.  If you would like additional information on each variety we carry, contact us at MattFowler@FowlerMaples.com.

Add desired items to the shopping cart and checkout through Paypal's secure checkout,

or submit a list of desired trees in an email to: MattFowler@FowlerMaples.com.

We currently ship via USPS Priority Mail from South Carolina within the continental United States with the exception of Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, California, and Washington.  Orders are sometimes packed with multiple trees together to save on shipping cost, so care must be taken when unpacking.  Trees will typically be shipped on Tuesday to arrive before the weekend. 

We make every attempt to minimize shipping costs, but we also take care to package the trees in a careful manner.

We will be pleased to accept payments through Paypal or with a major Credit Card at this time.

Guarantee and Replacement Policy
Shipping small maples can place them under a bit of stress, so we offer a 2 week guarantee on all maples from the date of arrival.  Problems beyond these will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

It is the purchaser's responsibility to water and care for the trees once delivered.  Please review the Maple Care instructions prior to purchase.

Fowler Maples is inspected and certified annually by the State of South Carolina through the Department of Plant Industries.