At Fowler Maples, we are dedicated to offering unusual quality plants at very reasonable prices.  We've been blessed to be able to collect rare and unusual Japanese maples and conifers, and we hope that our site will help you choose a Japanese maple tree that fits your needs.

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Japanese maples are one of the most intriguing types of trees.  There are hundreds of different varieties with several distinct characteristics.  Japanese maples like 'Bloodgood' have red foliage and an upright growth habit.  Dwarf Japanese maples like 'Mikawa yatsubusa' have green leaves and a very congested growth habit.  Other varieties like 'Crimson Queen' have red foliage with a gently weeping habit.  With so many possibilities it is no wonder they have become one of the most popular specimen or accent trees available in temperate climates. 

We hope our site will be informative and inspirational in helping you select the right Japanese maple. 

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